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An international group

The Urbaser Group, with its 30,000 employees and 160 subsidiaries worldwide, is known internationally for its waste management and urban cleanliness expertise.

Its French subsidiary, Urbaser Environnement, specialises in the construction and operation of integrated household and urban waste sorting, treatment and recovery facilities.

Urbaser Environnement was one of France’s first operators to provide communities with “integrated” type global waste management solutions, as designer, constructor and operator, for facilities implementing sorting of selective collection or of residual household waste and able to combine technologies such as composting, methanisation, energy recovery by incineration and/or preparation of solid recovered fuel.

Cutting edge technologies for sustainable development

Urbaser Environnement currently possesses a unique and patented methanisation technology: the Valorga® process Used for over twenty years to methanise the sorted organic fraction of waste, the Valorga® process is a world leader in this field. This experience is a true guarantee of safety for the population, as all facilities at the EveRé site have already been successfully tested at other sites, both in France and abroad.

For more information, see the Urbaser site and the Urbaser Environment website

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