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EveRé’s commitment to environmental protection

Environmental conservation is a priority for EveRé. The integrated household waste treatment centre is equipped with a self-surveillance system that monitors all of the facility’s parameters 24/7. Monitoring and control computers instantly process the data generated by these tests, record them and immediately alert the operator if any operating anomaly is detected. In parallel to this, the Government services regularly conduct their own tests.
The construction of the EveRé site was the subject of a “High Environmental Quality Approach for tertiary buildings” pilot project. Moreover, once in operation, EveRé made a series of clear commitments and laid them down in its Environmental Policy and its Energy Policy. EveRé has also been ISO 14001 certified since 27 July 2012, ISO 50001 certified (“energy” standard) since 2018, and ISO 45001 certified (safety and security) since 2019.

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View our Energy Policy

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View our ISO 45 001 Certificate

The main points of these policy are as follows:

  • Compliance with (and occasionally hardening of) environmental and security standards – anticipation of future standards
  • Maximum reduction of the site’s impact on the environment and of the work accidents
  • Continuous improvement policy
  • Maximum recovery of all waste received by the site